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IT Infrastructure

 ICAN provides a complete range of service from planning, designing, and implementing to ensure that the clients acquire the best financial strategy for their company.

Site Preparation Services
Our services include consulting, analysing, designing, etc.

Maintenance Service
ICAN hardware maintenance services cover the whole of Thailand.

Data Center

  Offer data center design and build service. We have experts to help make your data center room organized and standardized


Network Infrastructure

  Help with design and installation network system by experienced specialists. Your network system will be organized and standardized.


Server and PC

  Quality servers & PCs for sale with affordable prices and installed by specialists which assures that your servers and PCs comply with standard


Power Supply

  Design and plan power supply installation with reasonable prices and services from specialists. We assure standard of our products we provide.

Power Supply

IP Phone System

  Design, plan, and install IP phone system with options of brands. This is implemented by specialists in this field which will make sure the standard and quality of the system.

IP Phone

CCTV System

  Design, plan, and install CCTV devices with high quality and implemented by specialists which helps you stay up to date with every activity going on.


Network Equipment

  Offer planning for network equipment installation. We also provide various high-end brands of equipments. Our services assure that your network system will work according to standard efficiently.


Video Conference System

  Design, plan, and install high quality video conference devices serviced by specialists. Facilitate your conferences which has never been easy and convenient like this before

Video Conference

Access Control

  Help design access control system and verify employees time attendance. This is implemented by specialists which will make your organization more safe and trustworthy.

Access Control

Fire Extinguisher System

  Plan and install high quality fire extinguisher equipments which is implemented by specialists. This will make sure that you have complete fire extinguisher system.

Fire Extinguisher

ICAN Alert

  We proudly present our ICAN Alert which is an alarm system consisting of smoke detection, temperature detection, power outage alarm, theft detection. When incidents happen, the system will notify automatically to relevant persons by phone and messaging. This way, you will always be informed and manage incidents in time before the situtions get worse.

ICAN Alert